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Here at SmartCard we believe that given a choice between paying 100% of a bill or paying only 20-50% the "smart" person will most often choose the latter. We're betting on it. SmartCard allows you to pay through the app for huge savings!

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Traditionally, a local newspaper, radio station, local magazine or any media outlet’s primary revenue stream revenue is generated by selling ads to local merchants.

However, those ads don't always guarantee traffic for the merchants. Sometimes, the merchant may be reluctant to pay or spend more money to advertise, when patronage is low and they are under financial hardship.

When ad revenues dry up, these media outlets shrink or even close. It's a cycle seen too often, but it changes today.

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Introducing The Smartcard App

The SmartCard App is a branded mobile app that will create new revenue streams for media outlets, boost merchant sales, gain and retain a loyal customer base.

Here's the SmartCard formula: A merchant trades a designated amount of their goods or services with the media outlet for standard ad space.

Utilizing the SmartCard app, the media outlet offers those traded goods or services at a discount to their customer base. The media outlet then uses their existing medium of web and print to promote the merchant discount on the SmartCard app.

The consumer/customer uses their credit card to buy the featured goods or services through the SmartCard app, receiving the merchant specific discount.

WIN, WIN, WIN Concept

The end user/customer Wins because they get a full valued product or service, at a discount.

The merchants win because they get full value ads for the price of their hard costs, plus they get guaranteed traffic from customers using the SmartCard app. The discounted goods and services will also entice new customers to try a business for the 1st time.

The newspaper or radio stations, win because you get the revenue from new merchants and inactive merchants who were unwilling to advertise before due to price.

There are roughly 3000 city papers nationwide. In addition, there are another 7000 radio stations all of which sell advertising to sustain their medium. If you include countless Chambers of Commerce, local magazines, sports programs, and any other mediums that sell ads to generate revenue our potential market size is well over 20,000!

Our business model is to create the digital platform that all these media outlets use.

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