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What's so smart about it?

Here at SmartCard we believe that given a choice between paying 100% of a bill or paying only 20-50% the "smart" person will most often choose the latter. We're betting on it. SmartCard allows you to pay through the app for huge savings!

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Invest in MyCity SmartCard, Inc. (SmartCard)

Media Outlets (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine) trade their advertising for a business' products and services, and then use SmartCard technology and our app to recoup their advertising revenues.


Digital marketing experts estimate Americans come in contact with 4,000-10,000 advertisements every single day… Small and large businesses alike can’t compete with national advertising budgets. We believe this creates problems for businesses trying to attract more customers, media outlets trying to sell more ad space, and patrons looking for goods and services.


What keeps merchants and media outlets from reaching their advertising potential? Everything, from cost, to lack of guarantees on the merchant side, to non-returning advertisers and inconsistency on the media outlet side. SmartCard seeks to solve these problems and change the world of advertising with a simple strategy – giving the merchant full control of advertising dollars.

With SmartCard, a merchant trades its products or services for advertising with a media outlet (magazines, radio, tv, etc.), which then offers the merchant's goods and services at a discount to users. Users who download the app use it to purchase full-valued goods and services at a discount. When users pay through the app, media outlets recoup their advertising revenue from the merchant by receiving a percentage of the transaction. We believe this system drives more customers to a business, with no risk and no out-of-pocket cost for the merchant!

We think the SmartCard formula offers a simple process for overcoming major roadblocks in promoting a business and expect it to disrupt the advertising industry.

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Development Stage

The MyCity SmartCard app has been fully developed and operating in its initial version successfully since 2016. Version 2.0 with substantial enhancements in capabilities and features will launch November, 2018.

The Offering

$1/share of Preferred Stock | When you invest you are betting the company’s future equity value will exceed $16M.

Preferred Stock Rights

Dividend Rights: 5% of net on gross profits
Liquidation Preference over Common Stock holders
Conversion Rights: 5 shares of Common Stock per share of Preferred Stock upon the earlier of:
(i) October 31, 2021
(ii) an IPO, or
(iii) sale of the Company
See the Offering Details below for a complete set of terms.


Investors who invest from $250-$999 will receive $100 in credits on the SmartCard App usable in available markets.

Investors who invest from $1,000 or more will receive $250 in credits on the SmartCard App usable in available markets.

You must have downloaded the free MyCity SmartCard app to use these credits.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

The SmartCard App benefits customers, merchants, and media outlets

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Customers get a full-valued good or service at a discount.

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Merchants get full-value advertising for the price of their hard costs.

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Media Outlets

Media partners sell more advertising.

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SmartCard Offers Customers a Simple Way to Receive Discounts

Sample App screen of payment process

The App is Easy to Use

  • Setting up an account - Once users set up an account, they can add funds using any major credit card and apply them toward any participating merchant.
  • Using the app - Users can check the app for current merchants and discounts by scrolling through the "Merchants" screen. They can call merchants, locate them with the map feature, see the hours of operation, and share this information.
  • Paying the bill - Users can pay their bill by entering the total into the "Pay Now" screen. They then show their phone to the cashier or server, who presses submit, and the total is subtracted from the user's balance.

This user-friendly process and platform makes it easy for customers to purchase goods and services from businesses they are looking for but otherwise aren't exposed to in the traditional advertising model.

Pic - Sample SmartCard Ad Sample Ad a Media Outlet uses to promote the SmartCard.

Economical and Risk-Free Advertising for Merchants

“Is this going to work for me?”

We have seen that when it comes to advertising, small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses find themselves debating whether or not spending money on advertising is worth it. In the traditional advertising model, there are no guarantees, and businesses owners often do not feel as if they get a return on their investments.

SmartCard offers a solution. We believe when using SmartCard, businesses assume NO risk! They never receive an invoice and only pay if the advertising works. They get full-value ads for the price of their hard costs.

Pay As You Go Advertising

SmartCard offers businesses a way to get traditional advertising to mass audiences in order to educate, sell and promote their goods and services with no upfront expenses. The only time the business has an expense is when a customer comes in and uses the app. So, the cost of the advertising is only the cost associated with the sale.

We believe the discounts from the SmartCard App will entice new customers to try businesses for the first time.

New Revenue Streams for Media Outlets

Two big issues that media outlets (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet) face when it comes to advertising are an inactive advertiser list and lack of consistency. Advertising has gotten very expensive, and media outlets can't make guarantees on return on investment. This makes it difficult to not only obtain but also to keep merchants advertising on their platforms.

SmartCard generates new revenue streams for media outlets, while also boosting sales for merchants and helping to create and retain a new, loyal customer base. Media partners get new revenue from businesses who may have been reluctant to advertise before.

SmartCard is not a new product to sell, but rather a new technology to monetize all of a media outlet's existing advertising products.

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Available Ad Space

Media outlets tap into their unused ad space and their inactive advertisers list.

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Merchants Advertise for Less

Businesses reduce their cost of advertising and increase traffic.

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Users Purchase Goods and Services

Media outlets offer the advertisers' goods and services at a discount.

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Media Outlets Expand Advertising Inventory

Media outlets have a larger and more consistent list of advertisers.

Make an Investment in the Future of Marketing and Advertising

In the advertising world today, we believe the best a small business can do is try to advertise in a place where they think their average customers read, watch, or listen. This all happens at an ever-increasing cost to merchants, with nothing but hope for a return on investment. The challenges to businesses are only increasing with the growth of online marketing, advertising, sales and the fragmentation of the consumer markets themselves.

Nonetheless, advertising is critically important to success. Our partners have been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 40 years and have always felt there has to be a better way for small businesses to get results from their advertising.

Pic - Numerous graphs with the caption Advertising is Big Business Sources:1, 2, 3, 4

The Potential of SmartCard Technology

If only 1/10th of 1% of existing US businesses use this model, and each business spends only $1,000 a month (an unusually low ad budget), SmartCard revenue has the potential to be $360 million! And with the current business model, SmartCard keeps 20% of all money that flows through the technology. Furthermore, most apps require thousands and thousands of downloads to be financially successful. However, with SmartCard, it only takes a couple hundred downloads per market to recoup revenue.

Pic - Number of App users to Re-Coup Advertising Revenue.  Average customer spends $25/transaction X 3/mo. = $75 Customer/mo.

Test Markets - Small Markets with Big Results

Pic - MyCity SmartCard logo

"After one full year of utilizing the SmartCard app in Humboldt County, California, we have received nearly $250,000 in new advertising revenue. It has been a boon for this company and for advertisers as well. When a business owner can invest goods and services rather than cash in a comprehensive marketing campaign, and the media company can resell those goods and services to the public at a discount, it provides cost savings for all concerned."

North Coast Journal, Current Media Partner

How Capital Will Help Us Reach Our Goals

As evidenced by the North Coast Journal test market, the potential for growth is real. Having more investors on board means SmartCard will have the necessary capital to expand at the rate the market demands. Funding will be used in the following ways:

  • To Scale from Test Markets to Nationwide Coverage
  • To Expand our Team of Trainers and Marketers
  • To Expand our Media Partner Network Nationwide
  • To Brand MyCity SmartCard with Consumers

With more capital, SmartCard will be able to deploy this business model in multiple markets, while preserving the quality of service we deliver to our customers.

Pic - Sample app screen and advertising examples

Offering Summary

Maximum 200,000* shares of Preferred Stock ($1,000,000)

*Maximum subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See 10% Bonus below

Minimum 2,000 shares of Preferred Stock (10,000)

Company: MyCity SmartCard, Inc.

Corporate Address: 265 Riverchase Pkwy E, Suite 101, Hoover, AL 35244

Description of Business: SmartCard offers businesses a way to advertise on TV, radio, and print with a 100% guarantee that it works or there is not cost to the business. Businesses trade their products and/or services with a media partner, which then, uses SmartCard to sell this trade at a discount to customers.

Type of Security Offered: Preferred Stock (the "Shares" or "Securities") See Offering Details for a complete set of rights and preferences

Purchase Price of Security Offered: $5 per Share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $250


*All perks occur after the campaign is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

Prior fiscal year-end:

Most recent fiscal year-end

Prior fiscal year-end

Total Assets $5,827.00 USD $8,858.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents $5,827.00 USD $8,858.00 USD
Accounts Receivable $0.00 USD $0.00 USD
Short Term Debt $47,800.00 USD $5,000.00 USD
Long Term Debt $0.00 USD $0.00 USD
Revenues And Sales $210,873.00 USD $7,963.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold $182,443.00 USD $5,000.00 USD
Taxes Paid $0.00 USD $0.00 USD
Net Income -$45,831.00 USD $2,459.00 USD